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One reason we commonly hear for motorists not investing in stainless steel exhausts is their expense. But this is somewhat a myth, and one of the major reasons motorists should consider these parts is how economical they are. In this inaugural blog post, Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd, specialists providing stainless steel exhaust fabrication and installation services throughout the south east of England, explain why.

How Stainless Steel Exhausts Can Save You Money

First things first: stainless steel exhausts are typically slightly more expensive than mild steel components. But as the saying goes: buy cheap, buy twice. Once you know that steel exhausts are more durable and typically last far longer than their mild steel cousins, it quickly becomes clear they’re the cheaper option in the mid to long term. You might be surprised to know that in many cases, stainless steel exhausts outlast the very vehicle they’re fitted in!

The reason for this is that stainless steel exhausts are simply made of steel, as opposed to steel layered with aluminium or zinc, which is the case for most mild steel exhausts. These latter materials are simply not as strong as steel, and will leave you exhaust subject to rusting when scratched (a not uncommon part of wear and tear). Stainless steel exhausts, on the other hand, use nickel and chrome to give both a fantastic, stylish finish and to prevent corrosion. They’re not going to start rusting as soon as they come in contact with the elements.

Another reason you can save a bundle when opting for stainless steel exhausts, is the fact that they are free-flowing and more efficient than many straight-off-the-assembly-line exhausts when it comes to ridding your engine of waste. Your engine will run smoother and draw on less fuel. This saves you money at petrol forecourts, adding to the overall savings you’ve made by opting for stainless steel exhausts over mild steel. So why not get in contact with Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd, and find out how we can upgrade your vehicle’s exhaust system?

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