Alloy Wheel Repairs in Redhill | Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd

Helping save you money on replacing worn or damaged alloys, Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd provides affordable alloy wheel repairs to its local client base. This is ideal for addressing cracks that have emerged due to potholes or contact with the kerb. But if your alloy is suffering from more serious damage then alloy wheel repairs may be out the question, due to issues surrounding structural integrity and road safety. In these cases we’d recommend replacement.

While some of our services are carried out on a mobile basis, please keep in mind we only carry out alloy wheel repairs at our Redhill garage. So if you’ve spotted a crack and wish to preserve your alloys’ look, while dealing with vulnerabilities that if ignored, could drastically shorten their lifespan, pick up the phone and book in an appointment.

Fast, Affordable Repairs

Getting cracked alloys repaired is simple and straight forward. Simply bring your vehicle to our Redhill workshop, and our engineers will remove the tyre from the wheel, carry out the required alloy wheel repairs and place the tyre back on. You can be back safely on the road in just a matter of minutes, happy with the knowledge you’ve avoided the expense of brand new alloys.

To book in alloy wheel repairs at Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd, call our friendly team of mechanics on 01737 901 657.