Car Servicing, Exhaust Repairs & Brake Repairs in Redhill | FAQ

Here at Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd, we receive an array of questions regarding our services. From car servicing to exhaust repairs and exhaust replacements, and from brake repairs to stainless steel custom exhausts, motorists in Redhill and the surrounding areas want to find out more about the services that make our great reputation.

Below, we have answered some of the more frequent inquiries we receive.

Where are you based?

We are based in Redhill, and we welcome motorists from all surrounding areas.

Do you carry out car servicing?

Yes, we do. Here at Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd we undertake interim car servicing and full car servicing. In addition, if our car servicing uncovers any issues with your vehicle, we offer highly-competitive prices to carry out the repair work for your convenience.

What does your custom exhaust service consist of?

We build stainless steel custom exhausts, from parts through to full systems, to fit the needs and requirements of our Redhill customers and their vehicles. We manufacture our stainless steel custom exhausts from 304 stainless steel to ensure the best possible results.In our experience, stainless steel custom exhausts made from 304 stainless steel provide unrivalled performance, longevity and aesthetics.

Do you carry out brake repairs?

Yes, undertake all kinds of brake repairs. Whether your brake repairs require shoe, pad or disc work, Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd have the expertise and experience to work on cars of any age or model.

We strongly advise our customers in Redhill and the neighbouring areas to be sensitive to any changes in the feel or responsiveness of their vehicle’s brakes. These changes indicate the early signs of a problem that can progress into a more severe issue without the necessary brake repairs.

Do you provide other exhaust services apart from stainless steel custom exhausts?

Aside from our stainless steel custom exhausts, we also provide a complete service for exhaust repairs and exhaust replacements.

If our customers in the Redhill area notice excessive exhaust smoke, a knocking or rattling coming from underneath the car or a louder than usual engine, partial exhaust repairs or entire exhaust replacements more than likely need to be carried out.

As with brake repairs, we recommend that exhaust repairs or exhaust replacements are carried out as soon as possible to prevent a costlier, more serious problem further down the line.

For more information on stainless steel custom exhausts, car servicing, exhaust replacements, exhaust repairs and brake repairs in Redhill, call 01737 901 657, 07740 624 343 (Dave) or 07917 101 275 (Mark).