Supplying, Fitting & Repairing Tyres in Redhill | Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd

As well as handling mechanical repairs, car servicing and the manufacture of stainless steel custom exhausts, Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd supplies, fits and repairs tyres for motorists in the Surrey area. We have a range of first and second-hand tyres available from trusted manufacturers, ensuring you can find something suitable for your vehicle in the right price bracket.

Whether you’re after all-season, winter or summer tyres, run-flat tyres, 4x4 or van tyres, or even reinforced tyres – give us a call on 01737 901 657. We’re also here to advise what tyres will best suit your vehicle and driving style. In short, we provide a no nonsense service, at a price that’s guaranteed to be competitive.

When to Replace Your Tyres

There are a few situations that might call for a change of tyres. Firstly, if you suffer an irreparable puncture: either because of its severity, or its positioning (punctures can only be repaired if they occur in the centre section, and not near the sidewall). Secondly, if your tyres aren’t punctured but have visible structural damage, perhaps sustained through contact with a kerb, pothole or sharp object.

But the most common reason to swap out your tyres is a lack of tread depth. The UK legal minimum is 1.6mm, and if you’re caught driving on tyres under this limit you will be subject to a penalty. We’d advise getting a new set fitted at Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd before you hit 1.6mm, however. Tread depth is a major factor when considering stopping distance, especially in adverse weather conditions. Don’t leave it too late and put your safety at risk.

Tyre Repairs

If you’ve plenty of tread depth left and your tyres haven’t otherwise deteriorated, but you’ve sustained a minor puncture in the centre area of your tyre, it may be wiser to get it patched.

Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd carries out tyre puncture repairs in accordance with British Standard BSAU159, restoring your tyre to its former glory before adjusting its pressure so you’re ready to get back on the road.

Get a new set of high quality tyres fitted, or repair an existing punctured tyre at Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd. To book in, call our mechanics on 01737 901 657.