Exhaust Repairs & Exhaust Replacements in Redhill

It’s little wonder that exhaust repairs and exhaust replacements remain a common service we undertake for motorists across Redhill and the surrounding areas. There are very few other parts on a car as important, or exposed, as the exhaust system. Playing a vital role in the overall health and optimum performance of a vehicle, it provides a route out of the engine for the toxic combustion by-products it produces. The exhaust system spans the entire underside of a car, so it is also vulnerable to knocks and bumps, as well as corrosion from salt in the winter.

Due to the integral nature of the exhaust system, it is vital that motorists in Redhill and the neighbouring areas maintain its condition. An inefficient or damaged exhaust system can lead to severe engine issues or emission levels above the legal requirement, both of which cause vehicles to fail an MOT.

Timely exhaust repairs and exhaust replacements, as well as regular car servicing, minimise the extent and cost of damage to this system.

Signs of a Failing Exhaust System

Due to the numerous roles the exhaust system undertakes, there are several signs that our customers in Redhill and the surrounding areas can listen out for that indicate the need for exhaust repairs or exhaust replacements.

  • An Overheating Engine

  • Visible Holes in the Exhaust Pipe

  • A Dragging or Low-Hanging Exhaust Pipe

  • A Louder Than Usual Engine While Driving

  • Excessive Smoke Emanating from the Exhaust Pipe

  • A Rattling or Knocking Sound from the Underside of the Car

While these issues come about through natural build ups or corrosion associated with exhaust systems, we also encourage our Redhill customers to take care when driving over speed bumps and reversing towards high kerbs.

If any of our valued Redhill customers experience one or more of these signs, get in touch with us immediately to discuss your options. Leaving such problems unattended results in a more severe problem that often extends beyond the need for just exhaust repairs or exhaust replacements.

Exhaust Repairs & Replacements | Your Options

Unlike some car repairs, exhaust repairs or exhaust replacements consist of a comparatively simple remove-and-replace procedure. The primary issue when it comes to failing exhaust systems involves the choice between smaller exhaust repairs or entire exhaust replacements.

If one particular component of the system suffers from corrosion damage, it’s likely that other areas of the same age have similar issues. In these cases, it’s usually more cost-effective for our Redhill customers to opt for entire exhaust replacements rather than multiple exhaust repairs that might not fix the whole problem.

In cases of fusion, where two or more components fuse together due to excessive heat, exhaust replacements also prove more effective than exhaust repairs because it is almost impossible to separate the fused parts.

Exhaust repairs and exhaust replacements differ on a case-by-case basis, so if our customers in Redhill and the neighbouring areas suspect problems with their exhaust system, we highly recommend visiting us sooner rather than later.

With over 20 years of combined trade experience, we carry out exhaust repairs and exhaust replacements on cars of any age or model. We also undertake exhaust repairs on parts for older or classic cars that are no longer available.

Here at Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd, our exhaust services also extend to stainless steel custom exhausts.

For more information on exhaust replacements and exhaust repairs in Redhill, call 01737 901 657, 07740 624 343 (Dave) or 07917 101 275 (Mark).