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If you’re looking to have your exhaust replaced, whether due to damage or because you wish to upgrade, you might be facing the decision whether to opt for single or dual exhausts. Each has pros and cons that you should be aware of, and that’s why the Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd team has gone over each in this latest blog post. If you’re still unsure by the end of it, why not call us for bespoke advice? We love nothing more than helping customers make an informed decision that they’re 100% happy with.

Single Exhausts vs Dual Exhausts

Most vehicles come fitted with single exhausts. As their names suggests, they feature a single pipe which safely channel fumes out of your vehicle. There’s a number of benefits they offer, for example they’re:

On the other hand, dual exhausts double up on the number of exit points to create a more efficient system. While more expensive and harder to get your hands on – though Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd manufactures and installs custom dual exhausts for its clients – they’re also:

So which do you opt for? We believe that any vehicle with a turbocharged engine, or anything north of a V-6, should by default go with dual exhausts due to the increased power they’ll provide. Smaller vehicles will certainly benefit from the sheer style that dual exhausts can bring to the table, but are less likely to get some of the functional benefits. This puts it firmly down to you whether you go with our custom stainless steel exhausts, or something more simple.

For more on the stainless steel custom exhausts we manufacture and install for our clients, contact Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd at your earliest convenience.