High Performance Custom Exhausts | Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd

Still on the fence about whether investing in custom exhausts is really worth the while? In this blog post, the Redhill Classics (Surrey) Ltd team considers a few reasons why you may wish to replace a standard exhaust system with something better attuned to your needs.

Reasons to Get a Custom Exhaust  

  1. Extend Lifespan – Standard mild steel exhausts are famous for degrading over time. This is because they often feature aluminium or zinc coatings which can scratch, exposing the steel beneath to moisture and eventually, rust. Custom exhausts, on the other hand, can be far more resistant to general deterioration as they’re usually built out of stainless steel. In many cases, they outlast the vehicle itself!
  2. Improve Performance – One of the biggest draws to a custom exhaust is the improved performance it can provide. Custom exhausts use mandrel bends, as opposed to crushed bends, to open up the pipe and optimise airflow. This allows an engine to increase horsepower and torque delivery.
  3. The Style Factor – Custom exhausts, especially those made with stainless steel, can look fantastic and better complement your vehicle’s aesthetic. They simply look more modern, and can be built to your specifications to communicate your idea of a stylish car, setting yours apart from a generic “straight off the assembly line” vehicle.
  4. Make Your Vehicle Sing – If you’re chasing a louder, deeper tone to your engine, a custom exhaust is the way to go; the same goes if you want to hush things up! Opt for a low, deep rumble or integrate a muffler to reduce the amount of sound your vehicle emits. Whether you go for something loud and aggressive, or tranquil quiet is completely down to you when you invest in custom exhausts.
  5. Save Money At the Pumps – Custom exhausts can offer improved airflow which makes for a more efficient system. This means your vehicle will ultimately draw less fuel and you’ll save money on petrol, which considering current costs, can quickly add up! Balancing economy and performance is something well worth discussing with your chosen manufacturer of custom exhausts.

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